I propose the creation of a Global Environmental Center (GEC) to be established at the Environmental Education Building in the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park, in the US state of Hawaii. [Note- an alternate or additional site could include the Volcano Arts Center building which houses the Niaulani Arts and Environmental Education Center, located in the small town of Volcano, just outside the entrance to the park.]

The nearby mountain of Mauna Loa (13,677 ft), which sits within the boundry of the park, is today, the MOST IMPORTANT mountain on Earth, since it currently stations the Mauna Loa Weather Observatory (11,150 ft), which monitors and maintains the annual rise of the Earth's CO2 content- and has been doing so for the past 50 years.

Global Warming, is today, the #1 international security threat to the survival and continuity of Mankind and the Planet. It is a 'weapon of mass destruction' of the highest order which requires IMMEDIATE cooperation and action on all levels of society if it is to be brought under control.

I propose that this new center have ample annual state, federal and private/corporate funding and that it be equipped with 'state of the art' high speed computer internet terminals, digital satellite uplinks, scanners, printers, video conference screens, fax machines, telephone links etc...

Further, I propose that the center house a comprehensive and up-to-date library of books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, scientific papers, videos, CD's, DVD's etc... concerning threats to the global environment, with specific emphasis on the threat of global warming.

An international environmental center established at the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park, under the shadow of Mauna Loa, located in a mild, temperate rainforest area 4000 ft above sea level, with warm temperatures year around and 30 miles from an international airport on the Big Island of Hawaii in the USA, is the perfect and ideal location and place through which to help confront the world's major environmental threats.

Further, recognizing the nearby location and access to the world's premiere CO2 measurement station (Mauna Loa Weather Observatory), and linked to the world community of nations through instant satellite communications, such a center has the potential to become the FRONT LINE organization needed in the desperate fight to understand and confront the threat of global climate change, and the global environmental crisis in general.

Steve Jones
Christchurch, New Zealand


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