International Global Sustainable Development is the wave of the future.

Sustainable Organic Agriculture, Alternative Energy (Solar, Geomagnetic, Wind etc ), Vegetarianism, Appropriate Technology, Reforestation, Recycling, Water Conservation, Alternative Transportation, Ecological Waste Management, Common International Security, Global Population Control, Green Values and Ethics, Voluntary Simplicity, Economic Decentralization, the Sharing of Wealth and Resources etc...are all the leading indicators of a movement that will evolve our world beyond the current dysfunctional, unjust, erratic and highly destructive system we now have, towards one that is sane, advanced, transformed and viably sustainable as well as environmentally friendly for the 21st century.

At issue now are the global survival prospects for human civilization on Earth and how best to meet the rapidly growing material and spiritual needs of humanity, as well as ensure the overall advancement of Mankind, in terms of base survival, fullfillment and prosperity for all the people (and life) on Earth in the coming years and decades.

International Sustainable Development is, in a nutshell, economic and social development that properly meets the needs of the current generation without undermining the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Contrary to our present developmental system that exploits (and destroys) for short-term interest, profit and gain (usually at the expense of others), sustainable development focuses on the long-term, on equilibrium, balance, nuturance, common sense, maturity, harmony with nature and the future. It is a system that survives and one in which we will have no choice but to adapt, in full, in the very near future.

Moving our society towards global sustainable development patterns will require broad based education, confrontation with traditional corporate and governmental structures, and support for alternative ideas, projects and businesses that are in the forefront of re-defining and re-inventing our world.

International Sustainable Development and concern for the Global Environment can no longer be considered single side issues, they are becoming, in fact, the central defining elements of our lives in the 21st century. How we build, develop, maintain and sustain our system of wealth creation, housing, food production, water and resource consumption, transportation and energy use, waste management and security needs in our communities, towns and cities, will determine the fate and degree of our collective survival and continuity as a species at this most critical juncture in human history.

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