Wars rage on every continent. Plague, hunger, famine, disease and malnutrition afflict billions worldwide. The biosphere is on the verge of complete and total environmental collapse.

The solution to these and many of the world's other problems have been systematically and ruthlessly withheld from the people by a small, paranoid and absolutely satanic cabal of wealthy induviduals and their enforcers. These people will go to ANY LENGTH to preserve and protect their citadels of principality and power- even to the point of losing their planet and their future- which, i would argue, they have indeed lost...

Today, the United States of America channels up to $100 billion dollars annually into Unacknowledged Special Access Projects or "black budget" projects. These projects directly benefit the US military, intelligence and corporate world and now collectively represent the greatest threat to national/international security the world has ever known.

These ultra-black projects fund psychic/paranormal research and advanced electrogravitic propulsion systems and science at bases such as at Area 51 in the US state of Nevada. In fact, the blackest of the black projects- the most highly classified and secret- deal with what is viewed as "extraterrestrial contact" as well as new energy propulsion systems, commonly referred to as flying saucers. Contact with extraterrestrial intelligence is viewed as the world's greatest international security threat, even above and beyond that of the threat of nuclear war.

In the ultra-black world of psychic/paranormal research, "contact" has indeed been made, but it is NOT with extraterrestrial civilizations from the stars, its with the demonic fallen angelic kingdom of Lucifer (the Devil) here on Earth, highly intelligent spirit beings who have been here since the Fall of Man.

Running parallel to this phenomenon in the bazarre world of above top secret black budget projects, exists the the world of advanced anti-gravity, electrogravitic, free energy propulsion systems. These systems have been secretly developed and perfected over the years, utterly and completely hidden from the public. In fact, advanced craft have even helped build small bases on both the Moon and Mars (and possibly, in the planning stage, one of the small moons of Jupiter soon).

With the threat of nuclear war, overpopulation and global environmental collapse on the near horizon, surely the introduction of higher intelligence and advanced free energy anti-gravity propulsion systems would liberate Mankind from the needless suffering, toil and environmental destruction that has arisen as a result of the current hydrocarbon economy.

Jonas the Prophet
The Garden Isle, Hawaii



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