Solar, Wind and Anti-Gravity

Alternative Energy sources are the wave of the future.

Solar, Wind and Anti-Gravity have the greatest potential, and are some of the most promising energy alternatives if mass produced and made cheaply available to the public.

The current Hydrocarbon Economy (Oil, Gas, Coal etc...) is antiquated, outdated, dirty, energy intensive, environmentally destructive and DIRECTLY responsible for the Global Warming international security threat we are witnessing and experiencing on our planet today.

Solar photovoltaics have the greatest potential to bring decentralized, non-polluting, 'house-to-house' alternative electrical energy to the public. Wind power, non-polluting and plentiful throughout the world, also has great potential to bring alternative power to the masses if harnessed properly. Anti-Gravity "electrogravitics" energy, otherwise known as free energy technology, is currently locked-up in secret 'black budget' military labs and defense corporations throughout the developed world, most notably in the USA and Great Britain. Giant International Mega-Oil Corporations have decided to hold back this highly developed energy source and introduce it sometime in the future so as to maximize current Oil/Petrodollar profits in the present- a diabolically dangerous and insidiously selfish policy in lieu of the immediate Global Warming threat to the planet's biosphere and its ability to sustain life over the long term. But make no mistake about it, anti-gravity energy will propel the global transportation industry well into the 21st century...

The transition to an Alternative Energy Economy should have been made 30 years ago. But because greed, short-sightedness, self-interest and infatuation with short-term power and profit took precedent over maturity, evolution, long-term security and the overall advancement of the human enterprise, we now find ourselves faced with a planetary energy and environmental crisis of unprecedented proportions- threatening our very survival and continuity as a species and as a civilization.

Truely, it is high time to supercede the outmoded, outdated and largely failing Hydrocarbon Economy with advanced, non-polluting, decentralized, plentiful and cheap alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and anti-gravity- there is absolutuely no time to waste.

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